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Workplace Assistant
Title:Workplace Assistant
Location:Washington, DC
Status:Per Diem

Work Scope:
The Workplace Assistant is hired to provide a reasonable accommodation to assigned employee(s) to enable them to perform the functions of their jobs while at work. Workplace Assistants do not provide skilled medical care; rather, they provide personal care related assistance (such as helping assigned employee(s) access the restroom or assisting an employee with eating and drinking) and/or providing work-task related assistance (e.g., filing, collating, retrieving work materials that are out of reach, and providing travel assistance to an employee). Applicants need to understand the importance of quality and care when dealing with persons in need of accommodations.

Required Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent; completion of college courses or degree preferred
  • Minimum of 3-4 years experience in a professional/corporate environment
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office Suite (Work, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Type a minimum of 40 wpm
  • Must be flexible and willing to assist with various clerical functions
  • Must be customer service driven with an upbeat personality
  • Superior punctuality, attendance, attention to detail and responsiveness to customer and company requests for information;
  • Proficiency reading, writing, speaking and understanding English;
  • Ability to list and transport office materials not to exceed 10 pounds;
  • Ability to lift and transfer a person, approximately 100 pounds;
  • All candidates subject to background check;
  • Ability to pass a reading assessment.

Scheduling Details:

  • Services are intermittent (per-diem/as-needed)
  • When scheduled, assistant shall work 8hrs (1st shift) Monday - Friday

Essential job functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Must have the ability to be physically present and to work onsite at Client’s office on a daily basis in order to achieve the purpose of the role.
  • Ability to cover shifts for other Workplace Assistants as directed by Synergy Tech Consulting or its Clients.
  • Assist Client’s employees with day-to-day office tasks or requests, including:
    • copying and collating;
    • retrieving dropped items/work materials that are out of reach;
    • checking available conference rooms to assess whether there is adequate space to reasonably and comfortably accommodate the employee when attending meetings (and rearranging the conference room if needed);
    • assembling and preparing documents and reports;
    • filing and organizing;
    • printing;
    • typing;
    • brailing;
    • answering the telephone;
    • conducting research on the internet;
    • carrying items to and from meetings;
    • taking notes;
    • filling out forms;
    • shredding;
    • faxing and scanning documents;
    • lifting, moving work materials/documents (not to exceed 10 lbs); and
    • other ad hoc administrative tasks, as needed.
  • Adhere to the agency guidelines for the proper handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Attend to DOL employees’ personal care related needs while on the job or on work-related travel, including:
    • removing and putting on clothing such as coats, hats, snow boots, scarves, etc.;
    • feeding and providing assistance to the employee accessing the restroom/using the lavatory;
    • lifting and transferring a DOL employee (approximately 100 pounds);
    • providing assistance with building evacuation during evacuation/shelter-in-place drills and emergencies (per the evacuation process outlined by the respective agency/building);
    • Training will be provided on evacuation procedures and equipment usage
  • Provide reading services, as needed, including:
    • Assistance with reading and reviewing hard copy text and electronically displayed information;
    • Increasing the font of electronic documents in order for visually impaired employees to view documents with ease;
    • Articulately read materials to the employee at a rate conducive for an employee to understand the documents and respond accordingly (for dictation purposes);
    • Successful candidates must complete a reading assessment.
  • Provide assistance with the use of computer technology, as needed.
  • Provide transportation and travel management services (excluding driving), including:
    • Overnight travel;
    • Showering and dressing employees while on travel;
    • Transferring employees from a wheelchair/scooter to a vehicle and vice versa; and
    • Retrieving personal items of the employee from luggage/purse/wallet.
  • Receive and successfully complete on-the-Job training, including:
    • Training concerning how to braille electronically;
    • Depending on the technology used, assistant will be trained accordingly by a certified Reasonable Accommodation Specialist on the use of the assistive technology used by the employee;
    • Training concerning safety precautions to execute during evacuations.
  • Maintain positive relations with Client and Client’s employees who you are assigned to assist.
  • Travel as directed by Synergy Tech Consultants and/or Client, including overnight stays.
  • Successful candidates must be sufficiently flexible to work extended hours or project schedules as needed and directed by client.
  • Maintain a professional appearance at all times, including attire and grooming, in order to maintain Synergy Tech Consulting’s image and increase the effectiveness of efforts.
  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively in English (orally and in writing) with Client, Client’s employees, peers, Synergy Tech Consulting, and those who you are responsible for assisting to achieve the following results:
    • Assist employee with day-to-day office tasks described above;
    • Provide reading services, as described above;
    • Provide assistance with the use of computer technology;
    • Complete on-the-job training; and
    • Maintain positive relations with Client and Client’s employees.
  • Must have the ability to read and prepare paperwork in English to accomplish the following results:
    • Understand and follow agency guidelines for the proper handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII);
    • Prepare timesheets;
    • Assist employee with day-to-day office tasks described above;
    • Provide reading services, as described above;
    • Provide assistance with the use of computer technology;
    • Complete on-the-job training; and
    • Maintain positive relations with Client and Client’s employees.
  • Ability to work independently without supervision in order to perform job duties listed above.
  • Ability to manage time effectively in order to accomplish job tasks in an organized and efficient manner and within deadlines set by Client and Client’s employees.
  • Ability to listen and comprehend directions, discussions, and communications from Client and Client’s employees.
  • Maintenance of an orderly and organized workspace.
  • Perform other duties/tasks as assigned

Professionals who take pride in their work and want to be appreciated for their efforts are encouraged to apply! If you do not find interest in this opportunity but know of someone who may, we kindly ask that you refer the individual by forwarding this job posting.

Organization: Synergy Tech Consulting, LLC

Synergy Tech Consulting is a strategic consulting, staffing and technology services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia's HUBzone business district. We mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their business performance. We provide key staff to employers allowing them to meet diversity goals and to promote equal opportunity in employment. As a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) with SBA 8(a) and Veteran Owned certifications, Synergy Tech is committed to creating innovative, flexible solutions for government and commercial clients.

Synergy Tech Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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